Tuesday, March 1, 2016

UNICEF/LOST: Transparency Is the Best Policy

In scope of UNICEF and LOST’s cooperation in the “ Life Skills for Lebanese and Syrian Refugee Youth” project, which aims at decreasing tension between the Lebanese community and Syrian refugees, UNICEF delegation’s visits continue successively to cope on with the project’s progress. The latest of these visits was on Thursday February 25th, 2016 to LOST center in Baalbek, conducted by the Canadian High Donor delegation.
The delegation from Canada discussed the project’s progress with the project coordinator, Mr. Assem Chraif. Chraif thoroughly explained the project’s goals, its major achievement, funding needs, and how its implementation can lessen tension between the Lebanese society and Syrian refugees. The delegation was deeply interested in the approach and techniques LOST and its functional teams are following en route to pull the project off.
Shortly afterwards, UNICEF, Canada’s delegation attended a TOT session for coaches and supervisors to have a hands-on feedback about how the project is being carried out, to encourage the participating staff, and to better understand the project’s goals.
In concurrence with this visit, LOST and GIZ were launching a new project entitled “Empowering Women to Lead.” So UNICEF, Canada’s delegation attended the project’s initiation event so they have an idea about LOST’s versatile projects and collaboration extents.
LOST, via such visits, strengthens ties with its partners and shows its ability to handle Baalbek-Hermel region’s affairs with professionalism and expertise. This paves the way to keep its partnership ongoing with UNICEF and other organizations.

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