Thursday, March 24, 2016

EWL Women Pay Tribute to Dar-Al-Ajaza’s Elderly

With the beginning of spring, “Empowering Women to Lead” project conducted by the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) has blossomed and resulted in a visit to Dar-Al-Ajaza center in Chlifa. On the 22nd of March, 2016, a group of EWL participants visited some elderly in the center as a part of their interest in public affairs.

The women who have been participating in EWLproject for two and a half months were convinced of the importance of their role in society and how they can change it positively. They showed uncanny eagerness to manage some public events in their region, so a group of participants who live in Chaatvillage decided to say hello to some elderly in Chlifa’s Dar-Al-Ajaza center as a sign of social care and interest.

The women took matters into their own hands wanting to arrange a party for the elderly as a notion of good will. They organized cake and juice to please the senior residents of Dar-Al-Ajaza and celebrate holy Easter. Everyone was content, and a sense of joy permeated throughout.

LOST’s project, EWL, left an impact on the participants, and this impact led to the achievement of the women taking initiative and playing an active role in the public life.

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