Thursday, March 24, 2016

LOST and UNICEF; A Valuable Partnership

Disastrous effects of the Syrian crisis, which have shed massive burdens on the psychological and physiological state of both Lebanese and Syrian communitiespulled worldwide attention towards attempts to improve their health care and socio-economic conditions and provide them with urgent humanitarian aid. As a result, UNICEF and the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Trainings(LOST) joined efforts in a promising collaboration which aims to reach the determined goals and provide peace building, tension-free environments.

For this purpose a UNICEF delegation representingUK Natcom was hosted by LOST at its headquarters in Baalbeck on Monday March 21st 2016. The delegation attended a briefing on LOST’s mission, vision and interventions of 2014-2017 as well as LOST center different sections and branches in Northern Beqaa area. The delegation were also informed about LOST’s partnership with UNICEF in the “Learning and Skills Programs for Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Youth” project, which will eventually enhance principals of social cohesion and peace education. 

Enthusiasm for the project was prevailed through a series of inquiries and clarifications that were related to common coordination and the importance of cooperation between LOST and UNICEF, Vocational orientation and Peace education (a training which is exclusive at LOST to be further spread). The discussion also included details related to linking social cohesion to local development which is implemented through Youth Led Initiatives. Some of the most important concerns of UNICEF were to what extent can LOST help beneficiaries with tutors abroadbeneficiaries who might be employed by foreign companies, and asked whether LOST has prepared programs for decently educated Syrian refugees with college certificates. 

The meeting was an expertise enriching opportunity for LOST and UNICEF, which will reinforce partnership,expand the scope of future collaborations and hopefully spread new strategies to properly deal with similar crisis situations worldwide and cement peace building paths.

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