The Lebanese Center for English and Computer

The Lebanese Center for English and Computer (LCEC) is a well established language and computer training center founded by LOST in 2005 with highly academic standard based on exceptional teaching experience.

Located in LOST’s four branches in Baalbeck - Hermel Muhafaza, a rural and highly deprived area of the North East of Lebanon, LCEC has played a vital role in providing essential educational services for over nearly 80 out of reach villages.

Students and Beneficiaries
LCEC welcomes over a thousand students and beneficiaries annually of nearly all ages and majors. The teaching programs offered at LCEC benefit people irrespective of their gender, race color and religion. Special Women’s Empowerment programs are offered to help women build particular business management skills using English and Computer.

English Courses
LCEC is at the forefront of language teaching, providing a variety of courses ranging between Teacher Training Courses (TTC); Regular English courses; Business English courses for both companies and individuals; English preparation courses for international exams such as TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, and other Cambridge certificates; Medical and Legal English courses (newly launched).
The regular courses are provided for all levels, from beginners through to more advanced. These courses are classified into thirteen levels for sixty hours each.
The Teacher Training Courses are held seasonally providing trainees with the most updated and innovative teaching methods and resources.
Pre-graduate students are provided with special courses which help them pass international English exams successfully and consequently start their university studies without language difficulties.
English language courses for special purposes have lately been launched at our center to help satisfy an important part of the communicative needs for all community members especially doctors and lawyers.

LCEC has achieved unlimited success in a short period of time. This is due to our highly skilled and well trained teachers who have submitted to local as well as international training courses conducted and funded by the British Council in Lebanon and partly by LCEC. Many of our teachers are CELTA certified from highly recognized universities and schools in the UK. The teachers adopt flexible teaching approaches allowing our students to practice and use language skills easily.

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