Sunday, April 17, 2016

LOST and its Dutch Partners: Steps toward Peace

Wednesday, April 12, 2016, the Lebanese Organizationfor Studies and Training (LOST) had a Dutchdelegation in its center in Bedneyel in the context of “Networks of Peace” project. The meeting was achance for the delegation to know more about LOST and to learabout Baalbeck-Hermel’s challenges raised by the project’s Volunteer Mobilization Committees (VMCs).

The gathering paved the way for the Dutch delegation to be informed about LOST and its approaches via apresentation conducted by LOST’s founder, Dr. RamyLakkisHe explained the organization’s abilities at the level of needs’ assessment and networking people together to convert challenges into chances

It was also an opportunity for the Dutch delegation to have a profound discussion with the VMCs who came from Bedneyel, BaalbeckHermelAinChmestar, and Deir El Ahmar about the key challenges in Baalbeck-Hermel region

In an area that is overloaded with developmental, financial, and political challenges, it is of paramountimportance for LOST to make a breakthrough in thisstatus quo. LOST, with the support of its partners,addresses people’s needs and links them up for a common understanding of solutions, and hence a more stable community.

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