Sunday, April 17, 2016

Empowering Women To Lead Meet in Deir El Ahmar for the First-Time

A conference seminar was held Tuesday April 12th at Sayedet el Burj church in Deir el Ahmar addressing the role of women in society. This conference, presented by the founder of the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training(LOST) Dr. Ramy Lakkis, for Empowering Women to Lead project, funded by GIZ, attracted lots of attention from men and women from all over the region.

Around a total of 300 people attended, including community activists, stakeholders from BudayYamouniand Iaat, representatives from different political parties, as well as members of Deir el Ahmar Club and LOST.

The archbishop of the church, Hanna Rahme welcomed everyone and took his place in the audience to listen to the lecture.

Ramy Lakiss emphasized the goal of this initiative is to impact the community in such a way to start a chain reaction in the developmental mind-setOne of the most obvious telltales that development has begun is the fact that both Muslims and Christians gathered peacefully under the roof of a church for the sole purpose of enlightenment. He said, "Change starts from within; each individual has the ability to change and it can start on a personal level or household level".

"To participate is to be a part of decision making, it is the meaning of our citizenship and our duty to our community. After joining this project, I finally understood that gender roles shouldn’t define us because I have a responsibility to my country like any other man," said participant Hind NaserEldeen, 40, from Hermel.

LOST through enabling women to be part of the community is working in its goal for gender equality, peace building and development. Having an understanding, an education or a set of skills in life is liberating. Freedom from societal constraints is what LOST seeks in order to give the people a dignified life.


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