Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment kicks off on Wednesday Sept. 22

Women’s Empowerment program will kick off on Wednesday 22 September. A new training program that LOST is conducting this fall. Eighty women in all LOST branches will attend special English classes and computer basics training. Each twenty women will be grouped in one class for two months. This program will help participants enroll in other business management courses that are continuously offered at LOST. 
Women’s Empowerment program this year would not have happened without the generous support of Mrs. Rabha Eidi who visited LOST last summer and met executives and senior staff there. Mrs. Eidi is a native of Lebanon, living in Toledo, OH since 1965. Since 2001 she contributed to many successful programs to help Lebanon. She became actively involved with two non-profit organizations to help Lebanon (Dar Al Hanan and Sadr Foundation). She currently is the International Director for Sadr Foundation U.S.A and Canada. In 2009, Mrs. Eidi received the “Expatriates Medal” from the General Directorate of the Lebanese Ministry Foreign Affairs.

 Women's Empowerment through Educational Counseling
Educational Counseling workshop
  “Life has not given me the chance to finish school. Sometimes, I feel embarrassed if I cannot understand what my two little children want. After attending the educational counseling course at LOST, I really felt that I am a real mother, I learned how to react wisely, slowly and I can understand what they need. I am very happy to realize that my children are protected by my knowledge and experience in life” said Sawsan after accomplishing the new educational counseling course that was run at LOST this summer.

       “Educational Counseling is a step toward women empowerment” affirmed Omar Bayan the Director of the Educational Commission at LOST. “This course is a wonderful opportunity for women being mothers or teachers especially for those who live in hardship. It offers them the capacity to learn and practice new models and techniques of education that could be applied in school or at home” he added.
Educational Counseling workshop

       This course is divided into two parts: the first one is a set of workshops on the main theories of educational counseling and its importance in real life practices; the second part has many evaluation sessions concerning the different problems that teachers and mothers might face. Theoretical views and practical ways on how to be successful counselors are dealt with throughout this course.

      Educational Counseling gives trainees many ways to improve their roles as educators and counselors. This course was made to allow participants to promote their participation in society and to satisfy their kids' educational and psychological needs, even when social and economical situations are bad.

Women Empowerment

With its Women’s Empowerment project for enhancing women’s entrepreneurial skills, LOST organizes a program that includes a micro-enterprise management course for 40 women between 20 and 40 years of age from different rural areas in Northern Lebanon, as well as English and IT courses, to become more economically independent.

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