Sunday, April 3, 2016

Center, Stage, Action! "Better Together Now" Comes to an End

Search For Common Ground (SFCG) and The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) celebrate their final event in their Better Together Now project that started two years ago. On Saturday, March 26th, 450 people from all over Baalbek-Hermel gathered in Tamooz Hall in Baalbek to view a showcase prepared by the youth participants. 

The showcase included several play sketches, a short movie and more. In this project, Syrian Youth and Lebanese Youth interacted with each other on a daily basis, bonding and sharing experiences to help ease tensions between the two groups. Through art and music activities the youth were able to put nationality aside and cooperate together peacefully.

The youth had acted, filmed and produced the short movie they screened during the event. In this movie the story line was about a refugee and his daughter and their struggle to live. The daughter helped her father make money since her father was out of work and the lesson is allowing young ladies to work. 

For their theatre performance, the youth reenacted experiences that really happened to them. The goal of these sketches is for the audience to feel and relate to the judgmental cruelty that is happening in everyday life for Syrian and Lebanese youth.

LOST through implementing peace building and social cohesion techniques in projects, wants to reach their goal of social unity and peace.


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