Monday, April 18, 2011

Major Fairs at LOST centers

 LOST organized 3 Major Fairs in its centers in Baalbeck, Ein and Beit-Shama. The three exhibitions were held in March and were attended by more than 2000 students from 48 colleges and high schools in Baalbeck Hermel.
Many colleges and universities from Bekaa participated in the events to explain more about the available majors, admissions and the different scholarship schemes offered to students: AUL, AUST, CNAM (Baalbeck branch), HCU, Islamic University, LIU and The Lebanese Center forEnglish & Computer (LCEC) were there.
LOST usually organizes such activities to help students become more informed about different academic majors and university life in general. These career guidance events are tracked by TOEFL preparation courses that get students ready for TOEFL exams before going to university.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The forestation campaign goes on in West Baalbeck

The forestation campaign that was launched by the Youth Municipality in Baalbeck kicked off in several villages in west Baalbeck.
The students of Chmestar’s Youth Academy planted more than 60 trees in Chmestar where the director of Chmestar public high school thanked LOST for organizing this big campaign to achieve environmental benefits and consolidate youth belonging to their country. While a group of youth was planting in Chmestar, other group was planting in Hawch El Rafka in collaboration with the municipality of the village.
Mr. Riyad Yazbeck, the Mayor of Hawch El Rafka municipality expressed his gratitude to LOST for her nice gesture. He considered that such activities teach the Lebanese youth in Baalbeck-Hermel the real meaning of cooperating together and help them to work seriously to preserve the environment.
At the same day, a group of youth started the forestation campaign in Bednayel Technical Institution where Mrs Mayda Sleiman, the director of the institution participated personally in planting trees. Mrs Sleiman stressed on the importance of involving youth in such public work in order to strengthen social bonds among them and break sectarian barriers.

LOST celebrates Teachers’ day in Ein

The Academy of Youth and Municipal Work at LOST expressed its gratitude to all teachers on their day by celebrating teachers’ day at LOST Ein branch. More than 300 teachers attended the celebration in addition to friends, parents and several social and political figures.

The exhibition included graphics, poems and handicrafts created by students for the occasion. Mr. Nazih Ghadban presented a short movie about “Oud” music followed by a splendid music show.

At the end, Dr. Ramy Lakkis, the founder of LOST handed a honoring shield to Mr. Nazih Ghadban.

It was an event to remember. It had a special taste since students were honoring their teachers who are playing a crucial role in developing local community in Baalbeck-Hermel.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sports Festival in Bednayel

Under the auspices of LOST, Al Machaal Sport Club in Bednayel launched its four week annual sports festival in Bednayel on Sunday 6 February. The sports activities included Backgammon, Pin-Pong and Chess.
Mr. Mohammed Nour Sleiman, the president of Al Machaal club, thanked LOST for her generous support. He stressed in his speech on the importance of such sports activities in developing youth potentials.
In his turn, Mr. Hussein Yazbeck from LOST said “such activities aim at strengthening social bonds among youth.” Mr. Yazbeck emphasized on the importance of cooperation among different organizations of the civil society in order to develop the capacities of the Lebanese youth in sports, languages, IT and internet.
The event ended by handing cups to the winners.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Honoring teachers at LOST-Hermel

Hermel Branch hosted an eminent ceremony on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. This event was part of the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” program that LOST is implementing in its four branches in Baalbeck-Hermel. Several social, political and academic figures attended the event with massive participation of youth and their parents.
The exhibition included graphics, handicrafts and poems created by talented students for the occasion.
The event ended by presenting a short film on social media to spectators and distributing flowers to all teachers.

It was an event of special taste in Hermel. It was a chance to express gratitude to all teachers who play an indispensable role in educating youth and developing society.