Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sports Festival in Bednayel

Under the auspices of LOST, Al Machaal Sport Club in Bednayel launched its four week annual sports festival in Bednayel on Sunday 6 February. The sports activities included Backgammon, Pin-Pong and Chess.
Mr. Mohammed Nour Sleiman, the president of Al Machaal club, thanked LOST for her generous support. He stressed in his speech on the importance of such sports activities in developing youth potentials.
In his turn, Mr. Hussein Yazbeck from LOST said “such activities aim at strengthening social bonds among youth.” Mr. Yazbeck emphasized on the importance of cooperation among different organizations of the civil society in order to develop the capacities of the Lebanese youth in sports, languages, IT and internet.
The event ended by handing cups to the winners.

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