Monday, April 18, 2011

Major Fairs at LOST centers

 LOST organized 3 Major Fairs in its centers in Baalbeck, Ein and Beit-Shama. The three exhibitions were held in March and were attended by more than 2000 students from 48 colleges and high schools in Baalbeck Hermel.
Many colleges and universities from Bekaa participated in the events to explain more about the available majors, admissions and the different scholarship schemes offered to students: AUL, AUST, CNAM (Baalbeck branch), HCU, Islamic University, LIU and The Lebanese Center forEnglish & Computer (LCEC) were there.
LOST usually organizes such activities to help students become more informed about different academic majors and university life in general. These career guidance events are tracked by TOEFL preparation courses that get students ready for TOEFL exams before going to university.

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