Thursday, April 7, 2011

The forestation campaign goes on in West Baalbeck

The forestation campaign that was launched by the Youth Municipality in Baalbeck kicked off in several villages in west Baalbeck.
The students of Chmestar’s Youth Academy planted more than 60 trees in Chmestar where the director of Chmestar public high school thanked LOST for organizing this big campaign to achieve environmental benefits and consolidate youth belonging to their country. While a group of youth was planting in Chmestar, other group was planting in Hawch El Rafka in collaboration with the municipality of the village.
Mr. Riyad Yazbeck, the Mayor of Hawch El Rafka municipality expressed his gratitude to LOST for her nice gesture. He considered that such activities teach the Lebanese youth in Baalbeck-Hermel the real meaning of cooperating together and help them to work seriously to preserve the environment.
At the same day, a group of youth started the forestation campaign in Bednayel Technical Institution where Mrs Mayda Sleiman, the director of the institution participated personally in planting trees. Mrs Sleiman stressed on the importance of involving youth in such public work in order to strengthen social bonds among them and break sectarian barriers.

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