Monday, May 20, 2013

Thanks, Netherlands

The Academy of Women’s Rights AWR organized several seminars on governance, democracy and political participation for more than 180 women participating in the Academy. These seminars were conducted in the four LOST centers of Baalbeck, Ein, Beitshema and Hermel. Many professional and experienced activistshelped women to understand more the complicated process of political participation and how would women’s political awareness promote their participation and eventually instigate democratic practices.

The impact of these seminars was felt by the increased willingness of some participants to take some leading role in their communities. Mona, from Baalbeck group, is willing to join an active NGO to help promote the culture of women’s rights in the region.

These seminars are part of an advocacy campaign that women are trying to conduct in Baalbeck-Hermel to increase the participation of women in political affairs. These seminars would not have happened without the generous support of the Embassy of the Netherlands in Lebanon. Thanks, Netherlands.