Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Swiss Ambassador in LOST Premises: A Good-for-All Partnership

March 19, 2016, the Swiss ambassador Fran├žois Barrasvisited two premises of the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) in Baalbeck and Al Einto discuss LDO affairs and to witness first hand LOST’s versatile projects with OTI, “People to People.

Mr. Barras’ activity in Baalbeck was focused on establishing the Liaison and Development Office (LDO) in partnership with LOST. The ambassador’s meeting with LOST’s founder, Dr. Ramy Lakkis,delved into all potential opportunities of cooperation to propel the LDO and to mount a stronger response to the municipalities’ increasing needs in the region.

In Al Ein, the ambassador viewed some preparations for LOST’s “People to People” project. He was delighted to see the social cohesion resulting from the project in which women from Labweh, Al EinNabiOthman, and Arsal were working together and packing food supplies to be distributed in the four villages.

LOST’s visitors noticed its projects’ palpable impact in lessening tensions and accelerating social cohesion between the constituents of the community in Baalbeck-Hermel region.

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