Tuesday, March 8, 2016

UNICEF Regional Director’s Visit of March 3rd 2016

No matter how sufficient and accurate reports can be, nor active and reliable the work team is, in any sort of humanitarian aid project, direct contact with targeted beneficiaries and field visits is a must. For this purpose, the UNICEF Regional Director of MENA on top of a high level delegation, paid a Syrian refugee camp targeted by the Lebanese organization of Studies and Training (LOST) a visit, to ensure persistence and sustainability of project and procurement of anticipated goals.
On Thursday March 3rd ,2016  the Regional Director “Mr. Peter Salameh” accompanied by UNICEF, Lebanon Country director in addition to senior UNICEF delegation, visited Hawsh Rafika’s Syrian refugee camp (which is considered the largest camp in the area- about 107 tents), where they met Project Coordinator Mr. Assem Chraif alongside with LOST staff. The UNICEF delegation met two Syrian families separately, and later attended a focus group of Lebanese and Syrian youth targeted by LOST. These two meetings aimed to provide the RD with direct contact with the Lebanese and Syrian locals to derive out their basic needs and demands and inquire about daily problems/ issues.
The discussion with the youth, who will undertake various Life Skills and Vocational Orientation programs with LOST, was centered about common issues and differences, socio-economic challenges and responsibilities, communication and interaction, education and career ambitions as well as potential migration to new countries versus resilience and resettlement.
After the participants presented their demands, the RD “Mr. Salameh” explained the purpose of his visit and the domains which he can provide support at.
At the end of the discussion, Mr. Salameh pointed to UNICEF’s “New Direction” towards providing help and support in education, child protection, health and basic needs. He also reiterates the successful, continuous, and strategic partnership with LOST.

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