Thursday, March 17, 2016

Forty Sheep and Forty Lamb found a new home with a Needy Family

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training distribute sheep to needy families in Baalbek, Bednayel, Hawsh el Rafqa and Hermel. The sheep distribution is part of LOST's partnership with Mennonite Central Committee in an initiative called Food Security for Vulnerable Families.
A total of forty families, ten from each area mentioned above, received a sheep and a lamb since the sheep were all new to motherhood. Twenty of the forty families are new beneficiaries and were selected based on criteria set to measure their vulnerability and the other twenty families are prior beneficiaries that have been reselected based on their progress with the project.  The twenty reselected families attended all the trainings during their time as participants and took exceptional care of the livestock.
LOST through is initiative is empowering the needy Lebanese families by giving them the ability to support their families while keeping their dignity intact.

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