Thursday, March 17, 2016

What was LANA doing in Jar Al Amar Restaurant in Hermel?

A group of youth from LabwehArsalNabi Othman, and Arsal(LANA) was invited to a dinner arranged by the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training (LOST) on March 15, 2016 in Jar Al Amar restaurant in Hermel. It was a preparatory step for People to People project that LOST is going to launch in the few coming days. The OTI-funded project promotes social coexistence and lessens tensions among the inhabitants of the four included villages.

Each of the projects’ six groups delegated three participants to the event in order to found and propel a common ground of discussion and common work for the project. 

This event that was primarily organized as an ice-breaking activity turned to be an opportunity for LANA youth to delve into mutual regional affairs. The attendants were gravitated that they spent a lot of time discussing daily issues of each other’s villages and suggesting solutions that may enhance working onthe common benefits and mutual interests of the region. They showed exceptional alacrity to work together in People to People project as a possible means of endearing LANA people to each other. The participants ended up taking selfies and exchanging phone numbers and emails to improve all chances of future contact and cooperation. 

People to People is one of LOST’s versatile peace building projects that promote comity and coexistence in a society where tensions are simmering. LOST is at heart of drive to transform LANA region into a peaceful community where social harmony and cooperation dominates.

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