Saturday, February 27, 2016

In Hermel village lived the Syrian refugee Maohammad Kassem Marroosh with his pregnant wife and two children. Everything was calm and serene in his life until an electrical short circuit occurred and his house was burnt to the ground. He found no one to support him but a man who offered him a small filthy room to settle in whilst he could find an alternative place. His two children (2 years and 4 years old) and his wife were unable to be vulnerable toFebruary’s cold weather, and the family’s afflicted life started to be whispered among the villagers. It was LOST’s members who reacted effectively upon the awful situation and planned for an action plan. They contacted the stricken family and offered it a solution. The family was granted enough wood and Nylon sheets to build a brand-new tent. Tragically, the family was that short of money that it was impossible to pay for the transportation fees of thegiven weatherproofing kit. In response, LOST extended its offer by finding the means to send the wood and sheet to the specified place. Moreover, LOST members volunteered their time and energy to give a hand to Mohammad Marroosh who was not able to build his tent by himself. 

With LOST’s aid, Marroosh and his family are no longer vulnerable to the nature’s fury or social insecurity. At least, they have a shelter where they can sleep peacefully!

This task lies under LOST’s mandate of providing winterization assistance and weatherproofing tools to more than 1500 vulnerable Syrian refugees and Lebanese host families in Baalbeck-Hermel region.

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