Thursday, February 25, 2016

LOST Assists The Lebanese Red Cross

"Future Together Now" a project partnering the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Trainings and their German partners ForumZFD completed its first community project in the city of Baalbek.
Thursday November 19th, 2015 10 Red Cross Volunteers dressed in their neon orange attire, along with representatives from ForumZFD, LOST members, guests and potential workgroup participants gathered to applaud the efforts of the community coming together to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with LOST and celebrate the donation of a Respirator Kit, a Vacuum Mattress and a Regulator. The Lebanese Red Cross Volunteers were thankful for the aid from LOST and ForumZFD.

The project in coordination with ForumZFD focuses on easing tensions between the Syrian Refugee and the Lebanese citizen. It aims in reaching a social inclusion for both sides in joint decision making and non-violent conflict transformation through having Community Activists. Each area has its own CA. In Baalbek the CA, Jad Choubassi, was responsible for finding a mechanism that will thrive to ease and benefit Syrian and Lebanese citizens.
After taking trainings in Conflict Analysis, Conflict Transformation, and Needs Analysis, Jad Choubassi saw that health access is difficult for Syrian Refugees and vulnerable Lebanese. Services like the Lebanese Red Cross, a non-profit organization, aid people without judgment and criteria requirements. The Lebanese Red Cross is more readily available to helping persons in need but has a shortage of supplies in order to do a superb job.
This initiative is one of four initiatives in the Baalbek-Hermel Region under the title of the project "Future Together Now" aiming to transform conflict into joint decision-making and comprehensive communication skills in the social atmosphere between Syrian refugees and the host community.

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