Thursday, February 25, 2016

Empowering Women to Lead

The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) joins women in Baalbek region in terms of empowering them to take lead positions in their community. The project entitled “Empowering Women to Lead” was kicked-off in November 2015 and will end in January of 2017. The 15-month initiative covers six villages: Hermel, Labweh, Chaat, Deir Al Ahmar, Chmistar, and Tamnin Al Fawqaa. 
In each village, twenty female participants within the age group of 22 and older have signed up to be part of this empowering three-stage project. The first stage has commenced as of December 2015 with trainings that will continue for the next four months. The topics of trainings include women's rights, leadership, civic activism, local development, municipality law, and needs analysis. In the second stage, the participating women are asked to prepare and present 3 lectures about waste management, local development, and social protection. In the third stage, the trainees will analyze the needs of the individual villages in order to implement small community projects that will benefit the villages. They, as women, will make a difference in their respective communities by utilizing methods of the theoretical and practical training and putting them into effect.
LOST’s “Empowering Women to Lead” triggers the potential energy of women, transforms it, refines their leadership skills and promotes them to take part in decision making in order to strengthen and develop their communities.  

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