Thursday, February 25, 2016

People to People

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Trainings (LOST) has partnered once again with OTI/USAID in a five-month peace-building initiative entitled “People to People”. This initiative joins Ersal and the surrounding villages to reduce tensions and enhance the communication between them.
Sixty youth participants have been chosen from the four villages as follows: 30 from Ersal, 10 from Labweh, 10 from Ain, and 10 from Nabi Othman. The trainings address several topics, among of which are leadership, conflict transformation, and reconciliation. These trainings are intended to reflect the concept of forgiveness between the historically conflicted areas and promote a culture of peace.

Progressing in the project the participants will engage in a series of mutual charity campaigns among the chosen villages. Participants from Ersal will collect donations and distribute them in Labweh, Ain, and Nabi Othman. Reciprocally, the groups of the other three villages distribute their villages’ donations in Ersal. The donations include clothing and other usable items. “People to People” initiative is projected to conclude the 31st of May of 2016.
LOST's “People to People” campaign aims to lessen the effects of religious and political tensions in Northern Bekaa especially that of the village of Ersal. LOST's mission is to address the humanitarian demands in the four villages and elicit local solutions that amplifies the qualities of compassion and coexistence.

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