Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nehna La Baad Initiative Becomes a Permanent Plan for Cloth Support

    After several meetings with activists, stakeholders and donors, The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) set an initiative to distribute clothes for needy families in Baalbek for winter and summer. The collection of clothing for the spring and summer season will commence in the weeks to come.
     In the Baalbek governorate center the campaign was launched in October 2015 with the presence of Baalbek governor, Bashir Khoder, who made a donation for the sake of “Nehna La Baad” initiative. Khoder said, “You -in LOST- have been part of my success since I started my job as a governor of Baalbek-Hermel region; simply I couldn’t succeed alone.”
The founder of LOST, Dr. Rami Lakkis, had a speech in which he stressed the governor’s contribution in solving the region’s problems. Lakkis addressed Khoder by saying, “We all share the region’s problems and depending on our experience with you for more than one year, we could feel that you take care of Baalbek possibly more than the city’s residents themselves.”
    Another launching of the project took place in LOST’s main branch in Baalbek project was set in action. The staff in charge began in the collection of clothing and collected contributions from the beginning of October till mid-November 0f 2015. The donations were organized and packed from November 15, 2015 and January 15, 2016. While collecting and distributing the clothing LOST as a research center was able to create a database with information on the many needy families in Baalbek. This database will be used for assistance in future projects.
The families receiving the donations were extremely happy and they expressed their happiness and appreciation in a humble way. There will be another round of “Nehna La Baad” in April 2016 for more families to receive assistance. In response to the harvested success, LOST saw it fit to turn the clothes-distribution initiative into a permanent stream of charity and esprit de corps.
    LOST’s “Nehna La Baad” aims at enhancing the sense of cooperation and social solidarity in Baalbek region.    

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