Thursday, May 22, 2014

Women’s Empowerment a Step on the right path

LOST took a major step towards gender equality in Baalbeck Hermel Area, as LOST founder and Director Dr. Rami Lakis and her Excellency  the Ambassador Of the State of Netherlands Hester Somsen signed the “ Step Towards Municipal Election” project agreement. The project, which is sponsored by the Embassy of the State of Netherlands, kicks off this Month. It will last two years dealing with 300 women promoting their role in Political Participation.
The project is the first initiative in Baalbeck-Hermel to help women participate actively in public affairs; it will engage participants in specific training workshops that help them take part in the coming municipal elections in 2016. It will also prepare for a more positive political environment that will allow more women to participate in local decision processes and structures.
Women’s participation in the political decision process is extremely low where they comprise a tiny 2% of the political body, be it local or even national. In the context of Baalbeck-Hermel Region, women hold 11 seats in their respective municipalities out of a total of 508 seats and out of a total of 243 Mukhtars only three are women.

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