Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A step towards Municipal Elections Takes Off

Under the patronage of her Excellency the Ambassador of the Dutch Kingdom Mrs. Hester Somsen, LOST has initiated the “Step towards Municipal Elections” project in a major ceremony held on Thursday, the 22nd of May 2014. The ceremony took place in Tamooz Hall in the presence of the ISF General Manager’s Representative Lieutenant-colonel Haydar Mazloum, the GSF General Manager’s Representative Major Hasanen Karsifi, LOST Founder and Director Dr. Ramy Lakkis in addition to various Mayors, Mukhtars, Managers and Local stake-holders. The civic participation in this ceremony was simply staggering; the huge hall barely fit the project supporters.

The ceremony was initiated with the Lebanese national anthem which was followed by a short movie discussing the project’s aspects and capturing social reflections in addition to the song “I want to participate” by Artist Marwan Smaha, after that the stage turned to LOST founder and Director Dr. Ramy Lakkis. He started off by saying how this project reflects the strategic planning LOST has set to achieve focusing on improving Governance, Livelihood, Human Rights and Peace Building in Baalbeck Hermel area. Dr. Lakkis went on to explain that the decision making rates of women’s participation in Baalbeck Hermel are unacceptable and that women have every right to lead. He signed off by discussing the aspects of the project after that, Ambassodor Somsen stepped up explaining how shocking it was for one of the best rated democracies in the Middle East to neglect and disregard women participation. She explained how much her country believes in the projects ideas and wished the best of luck for the 300 ladies participating in the project. She finally stated “Women will change the nature of power instead of power changing the nature of women”.

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