Thursday, May 22, 2014

“God is Looking After my Kids”

Amena, a beneficiary of LOST’s MCC Food Security project is the mother of five orphans. In one of LOST’s field visits, Amena greeted the field officer saying,” Sometimes I feel that god is looking after my Kids”. She went on telling her story. A few months earlier, Amena was happily married with 5 kids, aged 16, 15,14,10 and 1. Then one day her husband and father of those five kids seized to exist. The husband was the victim of an outbreak of violence in Baalbeck city that cruelly terminated his life. This family’s pain did not stop at the point of unjustly loosing the father, for him being their source of income meant this family’s livelihood was in jeopardy. Yet the family stuck together and Amena took matters into her hands, she started doing whatever manual crafty work from her house. As little as it produced, it put some food on the table and helping hands always seemed to find her way. Relatives have tried to help to their best and so did LOST through the MCC Food Security project, which gives beneficiaries goat ensuring sustainable nutritious milk to kids in less fortunate families . Amena believes another family would have been devastated by what happened but god through those helping hands saved her kids.

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