Monday, August 31, 2015

Youth In Hawsh El Rafika Install Water Pump With LOST To Benefit Homes

Friday August 28th, 2015, LOST members and residents of Hawsh el Rafika municipality rejoiced in the opening ceremony of a small community project under the “Youth-Led Initiatives” project funded by UNICEF.

LOST completed the installation of a water pump in the municipality to transport water from a public well to the houses for the people to use water domestically. This small project will benefit between 70 and 80 households in the area.

Mayor Riyad Yazbeck of Hawsh el Rafika said, “What is good for the people of this town, I support and would love to see a better village and happier people through each project.” Yazbek continuously thanked UNICEF and LOST for all the hard and effort and said, “LOST implemented many small projects in our village, and all of them have helped the villagers in positive ways, we are keen on continuing with this sustainable and reputable NGO.”

Resident of Hawsh el Rafiqa, Iktemal Mokdad, said, “I am excited that the municipality and LOST worked together to give us this. There was water before this project, but it was never enough, and we always had to buy a tank every day just to have enough water to bathe the children and do laundry and such. Now with this water pump we don’t need to buy a tank everyday and I can save money to take care of my youngest daughter with a physical disability.”

Mokdad strongly believes that the children in the town with physical and mental disabilities should get the help they need.

LOST aims to help as many Syrian refugee and vulnerable Lebanese families with simple solutions to larger problems. In Hawsh al Rafika, a water supply is low and the nearby Litani River is no longer free flowing with clean water like before. Water sources for this town has become naturally scarce and buying water by the tank is too expensive for most families. The youth in Hawsh el Rafika engaged in the LOST/UNICEF project and used critical thinking skills  to come up with creative and cost efficient solutions for enhancing the community.

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