Friday, August 28, 2015

Lebanese Youth participate in Peace-building Projects in Northern Bekaa to Build Bridges between Ersal and the Surrounding Villages

Thursday August 27th, 2015 LOST signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with three different municipalities to implement small community service projects under, “A Youth Led Social Cohesion Initiative in Northern Bekaa” project funded by LOST and USAID.
LOST gathered 60 Lebanese adolescents from Fakiha, Ras Baalbek and Labwe municipalities in order to reduce violent outbursts between them and Ersal, with the majority of its residents of the Muslim-Sunni community, through activities like, painting murals and converting artwork into postcards to be distributed throughout Bekaa.
Fakiha, with residents of mixed religious backgrounds, the youth took action in their town and decided that the municipality needed traffic mirrors to reduce car accidents and to avoid children getting hit by oncoming traffic.
In Ras Baalbek municipality, the demographic of the residents there are from the Christian faith; the adolescents found a logical solution to improve the additional discomfort that resulted from influx of Syrians refugees to the already violent prone area. The Mayor of Ras Baalbek agreed to accept the installation of 100 garbage bins in the area as a solution to the primary problem of garbage disposal. The Mayor also promised a piece of land for Lebanese youth from different religious backgrounds to come together for further activities.
In Labwe, the villagers are of the Muslim-Shia background, the group of 20 adolescents decided to paint a mural and rehabilitate the wall adjacent to the football court. Painting builds trust, allows for a free flow of thoughts and allows for tranquil meet-ups.
Each municipality made post cards of their activities through the trainings and distributed them to various centers and stores throughout the Bekaa area.
LOST through this project aims at planting the seeds of peace in tribal communities to ultimately stop feuds of sectarian conflicts and construct grounds to share, spread and commence coexisting harmoniously.  

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