Wednesday, August 5, 2015

LOST Distributes Flowers over Tourists during International Baalbeck Festivals

On July 30, 2015, more than 20 youth participants involved at the LOST/UNICEF project and as part of their Peace Education training delivered by the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training distributed flowers at the entrance of the ruins of Baalbeck welcoming tourists and sending messages of hospitality during the first day  that marks the beginning of the International Baalbeck Festivals.
The move was closely coordinated with the municipality of Baalbeck and the International Baalbeck Festivals committee. This symbolic gesture by the participants was a direct outcome of the peace education training they have been taking for 12 weeks, thus holding themselves accountable to openness to others and sending a message of inclusiveness.

LOST strongly supports such activities which give a positive and civilized image about a region whose reputation has been heavily tarnished by the media. It also suggests a roll model of active citizenship and civic participation. Moreover, hard work will always result in excellent outcome; dedication and insistence to improve ourselves, our community, and above all our country are the main reasons that lead to such a great move. 

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