Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Embassy of Netherlands Rehabilitates Water Streams in Hermel

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training (LOST) in partnership with the Embassy of Netherlands in Lebanon launched a campaign to tackle issues of infrastructure in the Northern Bekaa as part of a "Social Cohesion" project funded by the Embassy. 

The project studies the underlying causes of tension arising from the huge influx of Syrian Refugees into Lebanon with dire repercussions on the hosting community. It also works on conflict mitigation through analyzing the local community’s common needs and conducting small community projects that address these needs. After an exhaustive needs assessment exercise, project beneficiaries in Hermel initiated the restoration of water streams in Hermel in order to achieve immediate reforms to a network of irrigation water that would help farmers in watering agricultural lands and which affects the city of Hermel in decades. 

The project restored two main streams. The first is located in the east side of the town and the second in the west side. Such locations secure fair distribution in water and benefit for the whole town. The families of Hermel were very grateful for the project implemented and wished for more future projects.

LOST seized the opportunity to thank the Embassy of Netherlands in Lebanon for their continuous effort to support LOST in its endeavors to help reduce tension among local stakeholders and improve their living standard in light of the existing unemployment and deprivation. The Embassy of Netherlands in turn, promised for more future projects that will reinforce peace and prosperity for the whole society.

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