Friday, September 4, 2015

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training share plans for the “Nehna la Ba3d” Project with the governor of Baalbek-Hermel Region

Governor of the Baalbek-Hermel region, Bashir Khodr attended a meeting with founder and president of LOST, Dr. Rami Lakkis, regarding the draft campaign of "Nehna la Ba3d”, which translates to “We are for Each Other”. This campaign will be launched under the auspices of Khodr and in collaboration with the people of Bekaa.
Khodr initiated the meeting, praising LOST’s role in serving the community. Khodr said, "I'll be part of this project, that reflects the cohesion of the community, and calls for cooperation of public interest, and flourishes in the spirit humanitarian and noble values, I am at your side supporting the projects that are beneficial to the people of the region."
Dr. Rami Lakkis said: "We share the same concerns of the region, and through our experience for over a year together, we have seen that you [Khodr] care about Baalbek and the loyal people of Baalbek, and we in the Organization are in the process of launching a campaign “Nehna la Ba3d", next week. The campaign aims to help the most needy families in Baalbek, through the distribution of winter clothing for two months, after the clothes have been collected cleaned, organized, packaged and distributed of course. The purpose of the project is to encourage the communication between the different classes of Baalbek society, urge them feel in social solidarity, to help those in need, and launch initiatives that serve the community and develop a spirit of cooperation and participation.”
Campaign coordinator Omar Bayan explained the mechanism of action; the campaign is divided into two stages, the first stage begins in September and ends this October next late, while the second phase starts in April 2016 and ends in late May.
Bayan said, "A team from LOST will distribute printed bags with the “Nehna la Ba3d” logo to the affluent families who wish to make a donation. The deadline to pick up the donation will be within three days of receiving the bag. The team will deliver the donated clothing to be clean and sorted by sex, age and size. Finally a sheet of paper with the sizes and an appointment will be distributed to the needy families. The families will come to the warehouse and choose the appropriate clothing for the children, the families who can not attend for any reasons will have the clothing delivered from the team to their homes.”

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