Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Teams, One Soul: Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Youth Play Ball!

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Trainings rejoiced in the opening ceremony for a soccer court in Britel, a small community project under the “Youth-Led Initiatives” project funded by UNICEF took place last Friday, August 28th, 2015.
This ceremony gathered more than 100 excited Britel residents from all ages. The youth and adults were loud and chatty, all wearing soccer uniforms and ready to start playing in the court.
As result of the youth Summer Camps, forty Syrian and Lebanese adolescents worked together to create a space for outdoor activities will help build bonds and ease tensions between the two communities.
Mayor of Britel Haj Abbass Ismail said, “ Even if we play as two teams and are from two separate countries, in the end we are one.”
The youthful spirit filled the municipality and the older men started horse playing and one man, Abbass Tlais, 26-year-old Britel resident said, “This is an amazing opportunity that LOST has done for the kids and grown-ups in this village. There should always be a place for the youth to get out of the house and use their energy in interaction; it is better than them sitting on their phones all day.”
LOST wants what the townspeople want, peace and safety in their village and every village. There isn’t anything like sport in forming a foundation of trust between teammates and teams.

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