Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Right Guaranteed

As part of the Academy of Women’s rights funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands in Lebanon, LOST organized a seminar entitled, “The Participation of Women in Political Issues” delivered by Dr. Ramy Lakkis the president of LOST who launched "community campaign to support women's participation in political, administrative, economic and social activities" at a ceremony in the Tammouz Hall in Baalbek on 10th March /2013.
Dr. Ramy Lakkis the president of LOST assured that women’s right of participation which is guaranteed by the Constitution and governed by law  reveals a culture of democracy in society. He added that participation leads to social energies that are restored in all community services and helped to increase working in solving social, political and economic problems. Dr. Ramy Lakkis stated that decision-makers at the political level must support and activate the role of women in participation in decision-making at all levels in order to generate new convictions.

  Dr. Ramy Lakkis granted a scholarship for each of the participating women in the celebration on the occasion of international women's day. At the end of the celebration roses were presented to the audience. Such activities aim at raising the awareness of Lebanese citizens especially the Lebanese women on their rights at all levels in an attempt to enhance their sense of citizenship and engage them in the public affairs of their communities.

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