Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Improving the Justice Sector in Lebanon: The Rights of Housewives in Lebanon

LOST has initiated a new partnership with the World Bank aiming at improving justice sector services in Lebanon. LOST, through this partnership, will conduct an analytical study on the obstacles faced by women in family courts, craft a final design/layout of informational leaflets; and organize a final agenda for awareness raising seminars in Baalbeck-Hermel region.

The date for commencement of services inscribed in this partnership is March 15, 2013 and will last for two months concluding on April 30, 2013.

It is worth noting that this initiative has emerged as a direct response to recent studies which have shown that most court suits at religious courts in Lebanon stem from wives’ ignorance about their rights. Traditional marriages, forced at times, often leave women (mainly poor), both Sunni and Shiite, battered in the process and maltreatment spills over to the whole family including parents, children and even relatives. Many women are reluctant on discussing the issue of their rights inside the nuclear family in public unless they are threatened of a divorce which again considered as a taboo in the regional context.

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