Saturday, March 12, 2011

Youth are planting trees in Hermel

Despite the cold and rainy weather, young participants of the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work insisted on carrying on the forestation campaign in Hermel. The campaign started in the morning of Sunday the 27th of February with remarkable participation of students’ parents and local inhabitants who showed up to offer help and support. Mr. Mokhles Amhaz , Hermel High school’s director, was planting trees alongside with students.                 
The Youth of the Academy of Hermel enjoyed the participation in the forestation campaign as their friends from LOST did in all branches. Mohamad Jawhary from Kasr- Sahlat Al May high school said “this event is wonderful; it teaches us the real meaning of cooperation”. Rawan Hamadeh, a youth club member confirmed that “this campaign is one of the most remarkable activities that LOST is doing in Hermel. So we, the lovers of environment and trees, thank LOST for this voluntary work which urges cooperation among youth to support and preserve the environment.”
Marleine Dandach from Namouzajiya Technical Institution felt very satisfied to be an active member of her community, she enjoyed planting trees but what she loved most was the sense of cooperation and responsibility that her friends in the Academy were showing during that day. She thanked LOST by saying “I cannot imagine that LOST let us plant 104 trees today.”

Planting trees has a special taste for youth. It helped them work together to protect the environment and serve their community.

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