Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The forestation campaign goes ahead in Nabi Othman, Ein and Ras Baalbeck villages

In February 2011, the Youth Municipality of Fakeha started the forestation campaign in Nabi Othman, El Ein and Ras Baalbeck villages with remarkable participation of youth and representatives of actual municipalities.

The campaign kicked off in Ras Baalbeck where the director of Ras Baalbeck high school delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude to LOST for organizing this big forestation campaign to achieve environmental benefits and consolidate youth belonging to their community. While a group of youth was planting in Ras Baalbeck, other groups were planting in Nabi Othman and El Ein in the same day.

Abbas Haj Hussein, a youth coordinator from LOST said that this campaign aims at expanding the green areas in Lebanon due to the importance of forestation in purifying air.He added that such kind of activities helps in strengthening the spirit of cooperation among youth.

“This campaign is a chance provided by LOST to serve our community and to prove how much we love Lebanon” said Nibal Harba from the Academy of Youth and Municipal Work.

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