Monday, March 7, 2011

Accepting each other by visiting one another

As part of the “Academy of Youth and Municipal Work” program Lost organized the Hosting program for more than 100 youth from diverse villages in Baalbeck-Hermel region. The program started in Baalbeck and it will reach the other three centers of LOST. In this program students visit each other from different sects to break ice and reduce sectarian divide.
This program aims at strengthening the social bonds among youth and breaking sectarian barriers. It assists youth to understand positively the confessional diversity of their country.
“Such activity has a special taste because it helps us accept our friends and partners from other sects” said Omar a youth club member.
Hussein Chouman, a youth coordinator from LOST, confirmed that “it is our mission to strengthen youth relationships, to help them understand each other and eventually empower them to work together to achieve a positive change in our society.”
The Hosting program is continuing throughout the month of March and it will involve more than 30 visits.

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