Thursday, March 24, 2011

Celebrating Teachers’ day at LOST-Baalbeck

“We highly estimate your crucial role in educating youth and developing our society”. By this expression, The Academy of Municipal Work in LOST addressed the teachers of Baalbeck-Hermel by celebrating teachers’ day on March 15, 2011 Baalbeck. More than 400 teachers attended the celebration in addition to Academy members, friends and parents.The exhibition included different graphics, poems and handicrafts prepared by talented students for the occasion. LAS and LYN youth members participated in this event. Some talented students from LAS presented a catchy musical recital. Moreover, the LYN trainees presented a parade of defensive and combative arts and a wonderful gymnastic show.

The event ended by a splendid folkloric performance presented by Hayakel Baalbeck group.

It was an event to remember. Students were happy mixing informally with their teachers in a very rare occasion. It was a chance to say “thanks” for all teachers whose role is indispensable for developing our society.

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