Thursday, April 24, 2014


The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training announces with great pleasure its newest partnership with CISCO. The partnership brings CISCO courses to all of LOST’s branches across Baalbeck-Hermel area which is a much needed lift on academic standards so now people can dare go into new work fields supported by the comfort of their own living area.

“So what are these CISCO courses” some would ask.  Well, they are basically IT essentials and all needed additives to be successful in fields work. They start from introduction to PC then go to computer assembly and tool use
which directs us to maintenance and troubleshooting; next are the fundamentals of operating systems, laptops, network, security, printers and scanners finally aiming at communication skills.

Careers are essential in choosing type of knowledge to gain, the IT essentials curriculum supports students who want to prepare for entry level positions in the ICT field. Job titles include enterprise technician. IT administrator, field service technician, call center technician, help desk technician, and PC support technician.

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