Monday, October 21, 2013

The Kaemakam of Baalbeck, Honored for Retirement

The civil society organizations in Baalbek organized an honoring tribute to Baalbek Kaemakam Mr. Omar Yassin on the occasion of reaching the age of retirement, in the presence of Baalbeck Roman Catholic Pastor the Archbishop Elias Rahal, heads of Municipalities and Mukhtars, administrative and educational representatives, key figures and media.

The founder of LOST Dr. Rami Lakkis noted that “we celebrate in this event a figure characterized by his transparency and his fair management, responding to the concerns of the people and their affairs”. Dr. Lakkis added, “we are honoring the rights of Omar Yassin who faced the waves of sectarianism that ripped and torn the society.

In his turn, the venerable Yassin, delivered a speech expressing his hope that all the decisions taken at “El-Taif”, concerning the expanding of the administrative powers of Kaemakamin and the decentralization of services for citizens close to their residence would be achieved. Yassin added, “all the wishes for stability, safety and loyalty among sects and doctrines”.

At the end of the ceremony Mr. Mustafa Abo-Esber and Mrs. Shall handed the venerable a shield on the behalf of the NGOs and “Hayakil Baalbek Band” which in turn offered a traditional folk panel.

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