Monday, August 26, 2013

LOST and Lebanon Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD)/USAID Kick off distribution of 6000 chickens to 200 Underprivileged Lebanese Families in Northern Bekaa

The Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training in coordination with LIVCD/USAID kicked off the distribution of 6000 chicken and their necessary feed and egg boxes to 200 Lebanese families in 15 villages in Northern Bekaa divided into 4 geographic sections: Baalbeck, Hermel, Ein, and Shmustar.

LOST started its distribution process in Baalbeck on August 14th 2013 targeting 50 families in Baalbek, Iaat, Deir El Ahmar, and Naanaiyye. Three more rounds of distribution will take place in Hermel, Ein, and Shmustar on September 4th, 5th, and 6th 2013 respectively.

This process was preceded byselecting beneficiaries based on specific criteria (the number of family members, income, occupation and status of father/mother). LOST then did some necessary consultation with the key figures of the villages targeted (Mayors, Mukhtars) and identified 200 underprivileged families who meet the requirements of the project.Concomitantly, one-day training on how to build a coop including proper chicken care and farming was delivered to the 200 beneficiaries.

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