Saturday, June 23, 2012

“Live Baalbeck” a Youth Campaign for a Better Image

The youth of the “Advocacy Civic Initiatives in Baalbeck- Hermel” project at LOST launched the “Live Baalbeck” campaign in a press conference on June 17th, 2012 at the entrance of Baalbeck castle in the presence of many social figures. The main purpose of the campaign is to promote a better touristic image of the city of Baalbeck.

After the Lebanese Anthem, Mr. Mohammad Othman, one of the youth participants delivered a speech in which he affirmed that “Live Baalbeck” campaign is the result of a qualitative study conducted in Baalbeck to examine the barriers that hinder the development of tourism in Baalbeck.
 This campaign aims at:

Showing the real image of Baalbeck as the city of beauty and culture.
Promoting a good image of Baalbeck all over Lebanon and outside the country.
Raising the awareness of local citizens on the importance of tourism.
Focusing on the positive role of local and national media to develop a good image about Baalbeck.

He indicated that “this campaign depends on the direct interaction among the officials in charge of the touristic sector, the citizens and the tourists. So that, you are all invited to participate in the following activities:

The “World Music Day” organized by “French Cultural Center” in collaboration with “Live Baalbeck” campaign and the NGOs on June 21st, 2012.
Participating in the distribution of white flowers to the guests of “Baalbeck International Festivals” throughout the days of festivals.
Signing a petition to the Ministry of Tourism demanding to select a national day for tourism in Baalbeck and to add the city to the list of the Lebanese touristic cities.
Sending a letter to the Ministry of Education demanding to educate student more about the history of the city through an official curriculum.
Presenting a statement to the Municipality of Baalbeck  requesting the following:

1- Selecting some members of “Municipal Police” as “Touristic Police”.
2- Organizing the work of peddlers near Baalbeck Castle and Ras El Ein Street.
3- Cooperating with the citizens to keep the surroundings of Baalbeck Castle and Ras El Ein Street clean.
4- Pricing fairly the touristic products.

It is noteworthy that the execution of “Advocacy Civic Initiatives in Baalbeck- Hermel” is ongoing to achieve all the desired goals.

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