Friday, June 3, 2011

Social Media Training for 30 NGOs

More than 30 NGO representatives attended workshop on social media in the 4 centers of LOST (Baalbeck, Hermel, Ein and Beit Shema) during the month of May.
These workshops are part of a series of training sessions organized by LOST in order to empower NGOs of Baalbeck-Hermel in different fields. Mahmoud Bwary was leading the training in Baalbeck, Alaa Abi Raad trained 4 NGOs in the region of Chmostar, Ahmad Sahili and  Hussein Mawla trained many NGOs in Hermel and Ein. The training sessions offered different models of social media tools (Facebook, Blog, and Twitter) and explained the importance of social media in the development of any NGO.
“Such workshop is very new to us in Forsa. It helped us develop our communication and technical skills. It was a chance to learn how to use the social media tools in developing our NGOs” said Mahdi El Masri from Forsa.
The workshop was followed by a lunch at Baytna restaurant.

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  1. social media is a very useful tool to express our opinions and ideas and spread out our NGO's projects and objectives.thanks