Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“Mapping peacebuilding knowledge production in the MENA” by Dr. Ramy Lakkis

Dr. Ramy Lakkis, the founder of LOST presented a research entitled “Mapping peacebuilding knowledge production in the MENA” in Comodore Hotel –Hamra. This research was prepared for the Peacebuilding Academy Project in Lebanon in cooperation with Permanent Peace Movement.

After a speech delivered by Miss Sonia Nakad from Peacebuilding Academy, Dr. Ramy Lakkis presented his study which is a qualitative evaluation of existing studies of conflict and peace in the MENA region. He started by defining the concept of peacebuilding distinguishing between the notions of “Positive peace” and “Negative peace”.
In his research, Dr. Lakkis attempts at spotting four categories of peacebuilding writings according to various contents: peacebuilding and conflict resolution, peacebuilding and governance, peacebuilding and youth engagement and peacebuilding and democratization. The study reveals two general methodologies used in peacebuilding writings: the normative approach and the analytical one.
The normative approach is more utilized by international agencies and organizations. However, the analytical one is mostly used by independent studies of researchers. Moreover, the research enlists a group of organizations that are issuing peacebuilding researches in MENA region mainly in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine and Libya. This list could be considered as a database for future networking and cooperation. The research also acknowledges the shortage in peacebuilding writings and recommends the multiplication of efforts in networking and coordination among state and civil society organizations.


  1. http://peacebuildingacademy.org/files/pdf/Peace_Buuilding_Research_EN.pdf

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