Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleaning campaigns go ahead in Baalbeck- Hermel

On the occasion of “World Environment Day”, the Academy of Youth and Municipal work at LOST launched several cleaning campaigns in various regions of Baalbeck- Hermel.

The campaigns started in the morning of Sunday 5th of June in Iaat, Hermel, Labwe, Tamnin, Nabi Osman and other regions. While the campaign kicked off the in Iaat public garden with a group of youth, other groups were cleaning Labwe public square, Tamnin square, Hermel square and Nabi Osman public garden.

Farah Lakkis, a youth club member confirmed that “this campaign is one of the most remarkable activities that LOST is doing in Baalbeck- Hermel. So, we, the lovers of environment and plants, thank LOST for this voluntary work which urges cooperation among youth to support and preserve the environment”.

In his turn, Mr. Ali Abdel Sater, the mayor of Iaat municipality valued highly the role of LOST in enhancing the youth belonging to their community and helping them to achieve environmental benefits.

After cleaning Tamnin square, the youth participated in the cherries’ festival which was attended by the Minister of Agriculture Dr. Hussein Haj Hasan, the Italian Ambassador in Lebanon in addition to representatives of the Lebanese security forces.

“It was an event to remember. It was a chance provided by LOST to serve our community and to prove how much we love Lebanon”, said Hanan Zein from the Academy of Youth and Municipal work.

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