Thursday, June 4, 2015

UNICEF/LOST partnership Embraces “Education for All”

The Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training (LOST) and through its partnership with UNICEF is implementing a lot of social cohesion and peace building activities that help the Lebanese community and the Syrian refugees accept each other and reduce tensions between these different constituencies. Moreover, LOST/UNICEF partnership also offers an educational opportunity to Syrian refugees who have been left behind due to a lot of unforeseen reasons.
LOST’s team on the ground is experiencing a lot of success stories where highlighting some of them in can show how beneficial it is to implement such projects  and channel this partnership with UNICEF towards a higher level of intervention .
Abdalla Al Abboud, a 16-year-old Syrian refugee living at an Informal Tental Settlement (ITS) in Ein, retarded and disabled as an aftermath of an auto crash. One day, he showed up at our branch in Ein very enthusiastic to learn and so eager from the beginning to take part of our educational skills program. He called us many times to know when we are going to start our educational skills program in order to join in. At the beginning of the program, he had his grades around 3 out of 10. Now after 3 months in the program, his grades are around 8 out of 10. This pre and post-testing showed a lot of commitment, determination, and improvement on part of Syrian beneficiaries of the program.
Not too far from that ITS in Ein, Somar Al-Ghafri is a 16-year- old student with a disability in Fakiha public location. Somar decided to challenge his disability where he showed a lot of improvement since he first came to our educational facility at Fakiha. His understanding capacity used to be extremely low and couldn’t also read. Now, he can write faster than before. He passed all his exams with high grades especially in French and Arabic.
The above stories make us feel proud of our work because in a way or another we are helping and improving a lot of people’s lives not for the time being, but for a life time.

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