Tuesday, June 9, 2015

LOST, UNHCR, and Intersos Capacitating Municipal Police in Mid and West Bekaa

 On June 6, 15, LOST in partnership with UNHCR and Intersos conducted the 3rd of a series of 4 workshops that are being held in Rashayya, the central town of western Bekaa to municipality members and staff of the region.  These workshops aim of building the capacity of municipal police and municipality members in western and Mid Bekaa in the fields of communication skills, emotional intelligence, role of municipal police based on principles of human rights, covering civil, economic, and political rights, and Refugee’s Rights. 

The 32 attendees of the workshop coming from the municipal union of Jabal Al Shaykh were very excited during the training, where they were eagerly asking questions related to their real-time context and paying attention to tiniest details.  After the training, the participants showed interest in getting additional workshops in the future to benefit more from the skills and information of LOST on various topics related to the nature of their work.

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