Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Education and Life Skills Education for Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Adolescents

LOST is proud to announce the initiation of its “Education and Life Skills Education for Syrian Refugees and Lebanese Adolescents” project. The project, sponsored by UNICEF, is an innovation plan that will form a huge impact on the lives of many youth this summer. It reaches out to over 2510 youth in the area of Baalbeck - Hermel in a means designed to renovate the gap between the Lebanese local community and the Syrian refugees. The project is in its recruitment stage where the project staff are witnessing an influx of eager recruits.

The project is a complex structure that starts with training 620 Syrian youth on basic Life Skills in Informal settlements (IS).Next step is setting 12 youth clubs in Secondary Public Schools located in Baalbeck, Ein, Bednayel and Hermel and training of 240 Lebanese adolescents aged 14-18 for 3 months on conflict management, conflict transformation, and Peace education. After that, LOST will organize 10 summer camps in 10 major IS/Villages/centers, engaging 650 new young Syrian refugees and young Lebanese community members aged 14 to 18 in community needs assessment and campaigning in collaboration with Lebanese youth club members thus developing a well-defined mechanism of social cohesion. The assembled youth in the summer camps will be engaged in implementing 10 youth-led initiatives in the targeted areas in addition to involving around 2000 participants from the Syrian and Lebanese communities in Baalbeck-Hermel region in the organization of a “Run All Together for Peace” Race in Baalbeck in collaboration with youth club members and Syrian trainees from the program. Another segment of the project is promoting the access of minimum 1000 out-of-school Syrian refugees aged 10 to 18 years to non-formal education (Basic Numeracy and Literacy) and life skills education in targeted ISs/public locations. The project directs at creating a safe cohesive learning environment where coexistence and peace are the base, and education is the key.

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