Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer Camps for Lebanese and Syrian youth

The sweet promise of a peaceful, fruitful summer for some of Baalbeck Hermel youth is on its way as Tuesday the 27th of May 2014 marked the official signature of the “Youth Summer Camps 2014” project. The project signing took place in the Embassy of Switzerland. Her Excellency the Ambassador of Switzerland Ruth Flint signed on the Swiss Embassy’s behalf and LOST founder and director Dr. Ramy Lakkis signed on LOST’s behalf. The project which spans 3 months (June 9th 2014, to September 7th 2014) aims at creating 4 youth summer camps that teach English and IT. English courses will improve youth’s English language skills giving them new educational horizons and IT courses will build their knowledge on the very essential computer information. English and IT paired together will significantly increase youth’s learning ability and potential. “Youth Summer Camps 2014”will act as a safe fun learning environment that enhances social cohesion and alienates those youth from the corruptive temptations that can derail their lives. The project also includes many recreational activities such as: Hiking, Rafting, Ruin visits and Iftars. This project will prove to be a very memorable experience to some lucky youth.

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