Tuesday, July 23, 2013

World Bank contributes to Legal Aid in Baalbeck-Hermel through LOST and Legal Capacity Building for Housewives and Law Students

June-October 2013

Based on the current situation of women’s limited knowledge pertaining to marriage, divorce, alimony and inheritance in Baalbeck-Hermel region, LOST has started a pilot project funded by the World Bank to build the capacities and knowledge of 80 women and 20 law students in legal issues.

The project emerges as a result of recommendations by legal consultants who gave seminars to more than 400 women in poor areas on housewives rights. The recommendations showed that women are badly informed about their rights. Also, these recommendations stressed that even if women are willing to know more about court trials and housewives rights they find no means or channels to know better and become well informed. This situation leaves women highly subjugated in religious and civil courts, and it makes them victims of maltreatment at home without knowing that they have rights to ask for.

The project starting in June and concluding in October 2013 aims at:

1‐   Providing 8 legal sessions for 100 participants (80 women and 20 law students) on legal issues pertaining to the rights of housewives in Shariaa (marriage contract, divorce, inheritance, and alimony).
2‐   Training participants on using IT and social media to help them access to modern technology in knowing their rights.Participants will access WPE (LEBANON) to have Q/A on legal issues.
3‐   Incorporating and publicizing WPE (LEBANON) Facebook page to help a larger community of women to know more about their rights.

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