Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Promoting Agriculture in Baalbeck- Hermel region

As a series of activities aiming at bringing the problems of agricultural sector on the public agenda and speculating practical and concrete measures to these problems, the Lebanese Organization of Studies and Training in collaboration with PACE organized a meeting with local NGOs, CSO participants in “Get connected” project and the  agricultural figures at LOST- Ein branch on June 2nd, 2013. The meeting aimed at creating an active link between the farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The conferees discussed the problems suffered by the farmers and set up a list of recommendations to be presented to the municipalities of the region. Moreover, the attendees agreed to present a list of tangible recommendations to the Ministry of Agriculture calling for improving the agricultural services in villages such as Ein, Nabi Othman, Labwe and Jaboula through the project  funded by the Lebanese government and executed by IDAL attempting to support and develop the agricultural exports.

They finalized a list of clear recommendations to be submitted to the municipalities including the following:

•    Improving the agricultural sector through an agricultural strategy.
•    Refining the irrigation networks.
•    Creating an agricultural refrigerator.
•    Connecting with the farmers to recognize and identify their needs (questionnaires and meetings).
•    Building up an agricultural committee in the municipality.
•    Communicating with the Ministry of Agriculture to be more aware of the agricultural programs that support the farmers.

The attendees also came up with some recommendations to be submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture including the following:

•    Selecting one delegate from the Ministry to communicate and coordinate with the farmers regarding the projects related to this sector.
•    Providing guidance courses to farmers on some agricultural issues: “Production development and Competitiveness”.

To LOST, Supporting agricultural sector is becoming a priority for Baalbeck- Hermel’s economic development. 

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